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Homero 1837a
Col. Morales Polanco C.P. 11560 MÉXICO, D.F.
Corporativo: (55) 4444-4069

Congrats! louis vuitton outlet
Congrats!!! She's on my christmas list! Hopefully i'll get it! Damier looks so nice in the winter time! louis vuitton handbags

louis vuitton outlet The iPad will keep coming out with new versions. So if there is a new one every 10-12 months, and you want to upgrade, your case usually becomes useless. As much as I'd like the looks, it seems like a poor investment since I like to get the latest. I bought a Kate Spade iPad case and actually iPhone case too. Cute but not so expensive that when I upgrade from iPad 2 to iPad 3, that I would care....


I've been drooling over an SC bag for sometime. So I'd go for a PM, its size suits me better. To be fair though, the SC collection is a bit overpriced... louis vuitton shop


louis vuitton bag My Saleya is kinda off as well................

 Congrats! I think it looks great. louis vuitton outlet 

is the azure good??? i always wanted one... but i heard about that color transfer thing though... is that true louis vuitton


Yes, this happens to me and I stare too! Usually I am admiring! If the person catches me staring, I say " love your....( whatever bag it is)." They should understand if they are die hard about LV!!!! louis vuitton bag